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1. Use of IQ information
– The information we provide you with your order must be kept confidential and not disclosed to service users for misuse or competition.
2. Use of IQ products
– Products sold are digital files used in printing
– Do not use for commercial purposes but only for individuals.
– Any copyright claims and copyright requests will not be made available to you as this is a personal product.
– Printable version can be accepted at some local stores or websites …. note that there are some print shops that will not accept because of product copyright.
– Purchased products have the right to return or exchange if they have not been delivered or refunded for this item.
– Do not accept refund when the file is delivered.
– Products are reserved for 7 days on IQ, you have the right to request editing until your satisfactory.

3. Direct message
– The content of messages or emails prohibits profanity, insults, etc.
– We stop responding if you have an offensive attitude.
4. Payment information
– Please secure the payment information as well as the exchange between me and you.
5. Local
– We are not responsible for what you use it for.
– No legal liability for violations or taxes at your place of residence.
– Is not responsible for your actions in the country where you live.
_ We are ready to assist you in resolving the problem until an agreement is reached between you and me.